Kokanee's Peak Brew

Kokanee's connection with mountains has been central to its positioning, but recently it had come under attack by other brands and new competitors.

In addition, Kokanee had not spent advertising dollars in the 12 months leading up to the campaign. Brand health and consideration scores were in decline. More importantly, Kokanee's share was down 12% over that same period.

The mountains are the foundation of Kokanee's history and a point of pride for Western Canada. Research suggested the target has an even deeper connection with specific mountains close to where they live. The brand needed to celebrate that pride in an authentic and relevant way to win back the hearts of Kokanee drinkers.

To celebrate mountain pride, Kokanee would scale seven mountains to collect snow from the peaks and infuse it into the most epic batch of Kokanee ever created: "Peak Brew by Kokanee."

To create the beer, Grip enlisted local legends with a strong connection to each mountain and documented their expedition to the peak as they collected the pristine snow. They told the "Peak Brew by Kokanee" story across the brand's social channels, including YouTube.

Full-length stories were created for YouTube, while shorter, more digestible versions were created for Facebook and mobile platforms. Outdoor ads across Western Canada supported awareness, while packaging and displays supported the trade.

The content performed above industry standards: on average, video completion rates were 93.3% higher than category benchmarks. The content organically surpassed targeted views across social platforms by 1.5 million, decreasing the cost per view target by 75%.

More importantly, Kokanee stopped the rapid rate at which it was in decline and grew health and share metrics. Sales grew by 15% around the seven mountain communities.

Overall, Peak Brew by Kokanee resulted in share growth across Western Canada by 1.9% and 2.8% in British Columbia (during the promotional period, the segment declined by 2%.)