Rethink Breast Cancer reminds with shirtless men

Almost every woman knows she should check her breasts monthly for breast cancer, but most don't. John St.'s goal was to change this behaviour, and found that fear, boredom and forgetfulness were to blame. The campaign idea was a simple reversal of the usual clinical approach to breast exam videos - rather than use women to show how to properly check for signs of breast cancer, it would use men.

"Your Man Reminder" was created - an easy-to-use app designed to get women to schedule their monthly reminder to check their breasts into their smartphones. A user could personalize the app by entering her name and setting a reminder date and time. She could also choose a hot guy to give the monthly reminder.

The app included instructions on how to perform a self-check using the TLC technique (Touch, Look, Check), an illustrative overview of the signs and symptoms to look for, and even a place to record notes and set your next doctor's appointment. To promote the app, John St. created the "Your Man Reminder" video showing women how to give their breasts the TLC they deserve. And like the app, it used hot guys to do it.

The video was posted on YouTube and received one million views within the first week. It was also chosen as one of 2011's top 10 global Ads Worth Spreading at the annual TED conference, and won a coveted Webby at the 16th Annual Webby Awards in New York. To date, the video has over 2.6 million views from around the world and the app has been downloaded over 80,000 times.