Moving Day

Leon's Furniture is relatively new to Quebec, a market dominated by well-loved local players. To drive interest in the brand, Taxi leveraged a unique cultural ritual in Quebec — Moving Day.

Throughout Quebec, the campaign began by linking Leon's to "Move-Worthy" furniture, a term created to distance it from the piles of unwanted furniture cluttering the streets. Three-dimensional coupons that could be redeemed by taking a smartphone picture were created, framed and placed near the discarded furniture across the city, turning the furniture itself into discounts for "Move-Worthy" items at Leon's.

The campaign tapped into consumers' existing behaviour — taking and sharing photos on their smartphones. The campaign generated awareness of Leon's offerings and got Quebecers to reconsider their furniture purchases by bringing the overabundance of discarded furniture to light in a creative way.

Compared to the same sales period as the previous year, Leon's saw a 34.7% increase in sales and a 15.8% increase in store traffic — a big jump for a company with only 1.8% of the market share. It also generated over one million earned media impressions.